Finances contribute to higher abortion rates among black women

One of the biggest factors that forces black women to result to abortion is the lack of finances to support a child and provide it with a good life. According to Lifting As We Climb: Women of Color, Wealth and America’s Future:

-Single Black women (across all ages, from age 18 to 64) have a median wealth of $100 and single Latinas have a median wealth of $120. Single white women clock in at $41,000.
-Almost half of all Black women and Latinas have zero wealth or negative wealth. That is, their debts exceed their assets.
-Young women (aged 18 to 35) of all races have a median wealth of zero.
-And even though white women (from 36 to 49 years old) have a median wealth of $42,600, women of color in the same age bracket have a median wealth valued at $5.
-Women of color 65 and older are least likely to receive retirement income from pensions or other assets.

In fact,  62% of all black households are single parent homes and 42% of blacks are unmarried. It’s very difficult to provide all the needs of a child if there is only one income, in which case may be about $20,000 a year. In 2007, U.S. Census Bureau reported that the average black  family median income was $33,916. Only 49% of blacks used employer-sponsored health insurance in 2007 and 19.5% are uninsured.  In a survey by Allan Guttmacher Institute, 66%  all of women said the get abortions because they couldn’t afford a child.

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