Public attitudes and stigmas affect abortion decisions

Stereotypes, stigmas, and public attitudes have been known to be very powerful instruments in sculpting how people interact with each other. In a recent survey, results showed that 56% of Americans don’t think single mothers are “respectable.” If majority of the population believe that single mothers are not respectable, then how can one expect women who have unexpected pregnancies to embrace possibly being a single mother specifically black single mother considering the negative connotations that come along with it. Another factor is religious attitudes towards contraceptives and having children outside of wedlock.

“Conservative Protestants tend to view contraception use outside of marriage as morally wrong, connecting such usage as an encouragement to promiscuity.”

Last but not least, the attitudes of black men are less favorable of contraceptives than black women. The has a big impact on the increased rate on unintended pregnancies and thus the high abortion rate among black women.

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