More to consider about high abortion rates among black women

There are two more factors , the declining state of the black family and lack of communication between parents and teenagers, that should be observed when trying to explain higher abortion rates within the black community. According to Child Trends Data Bank

“Black children are significantly less likely than other children to be living with two married parents.   In 2008, 35 percent of black children were living with two parents, compared with 84 percent of Asian children, 75 percent of non-Hispanic white children, and 64 percent of Hispanic children.”

Not only that but, most conservative black parent(s) feel that discussing sex with their kids will encourage them to engage in sexual activity. An article  reveals that a Harvard study shows that 40% of parents talk about sex after their teens became sexually active. Pepper Schwartz who is a sex educator feels that…

“Sex education is a lifelong thing [and parents] need to be able to pass on good information.”

Both of these factors led to issues that cause pregnancies. For instance, young teenage girls lacking a male figure can begin to search for that attention and love from young adult males. Another example is that the curiosity of adolescences can lead them to engage or find out information about sex from other people, possibly the wrong people, resulting  in a lack of sex education and more unintended pregnancies that majority of the time result in abortion.

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